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5 Rules To Remember About Car Detailing

DIY Tips

Restore your vehicle with a full detailing service. Whether you’re looking for a professional service near you in Gilbert, Arizona, or looking for tips on detailing your own car, follow these five rules to keep your paint and interior looking fresh and ready to impress. Discover how these services can keep your imported vehicle maintained for years to come.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is one of the most common ways to fade paint and cause streaks as you clean. It’s essential to detail your car either in a safe garage or in the shade. A garage is preferred since the shade can cause leaves and branches to fall on your vehicle.

2. Keep Supplies Separated

Mixing dirty water, new wax, and cleaning agents is a recipe for poor detailing. Keep all your detailing supplies separate to prevent scratches, stains, and other incidents. Whether you’re wiping down your rims or buffing wax on the hood of your car, separate towels and tools make all the difference.

Professional detailing services typically use separate towels and multiple cleaning products to personalize your service. Wheels, auto glass, bodywork, and interior trim all need unique cleaners for optimal performance.

3. Start at the Top

There are two main reasons to start at the top of your vehicle. First, water and soap drain down, so starting at the bottom will cause suds and dirty water to run over the spots you just cleaned. Second, the wheels and other lower areas of your vehicle are typically dirtier than the upper areas, so you’ll keep your towels cleaner for longer by starting at the top.

4. Avoid Dry Fingerprints

It’s ideal to always use lubrication whenever touching your vehicle. Dry hands or towels tend to cause streaks, fingerprints, and other contaminants. Enjoy a streak-free shine with proper lubrication.

5. Invest in Quality Gear

Even the best detailing practices won’t be effective without professional tools. For quality detailing from top to bottom, stop by Marzocchi Imports today. Schedule a service to enjoy premier detailing and auto maintenance for your imported vehicle. With over 20 years of service, we’re confident we can offer full-service repairs for your imported vehicle with our professional equipment and expertise.

Written by Marzocchi Imports

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