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Factory Recommended Maintenance

Factory-Recommended Maintenance

Don’t let a routine maintenance issue affect your investment. A luxury Mercedes-Benz comes with two scheduled services at specific times. Find out how you can schedule these services near you and where to turn for all your Mercedes repair and maintenance needs in Gilbert, Arizona.

Service A

In general, your Mercedes needs to be taken to a qualified auto shop for a service every 10,000 miles or every year. Service A is the first service of your luxury vehicle. It’s essential to take your vehicle in for the first and second services to ensure there aren’t any manufacturing issues or repairs needed. Your warranty may be affected if you don’t schedule Service A and Service B. Here are the common maintenance steps taken during these services:

  • Fluids checked
  • Oil replaced
  • Maintenance counter reset
  • Brakes inspected
  • Tires checked and inflated

Any necessary repairs will also be covered during this service. Find out how you can include a full detailing service and other full-service features to restore your luxury vehicle to its original look and feel for unbeatable performance.

Service B

Service B follows the same basic steps as the first service, with a few extra steps. Typically this procedure happens after two years or 20,000 miles, but check with your specific service schedule for more information.
This scheduled maintenance check includes all of Service A and includes air filter replacements and a brake fluid exchange service. After Service B, your mechanic will make a recommendation of the next time to have your vehicle inspected. Typically, this will continue to occur every 10,000 miles or year in order to keep your Mercedes running like no other.

Don’t wait for a yearly scheduled maintenance visit if you experience issues with your Mercedes. Prompt maintenance and repairs are essential for preventing damage to your brake system, transmission, engine, or another essential system.

Start Your Service Schedule at Marzocchi Imports

Schedule your next service today at Marzocchi Imports in Gilbert, Arizona. We’ll offer warrantied inspections and maintenance for any model of Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle. With over 20 years of experience repairing imports, our team of technicians offers the professional care and friendly customer service you deserve.

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