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Import Repair in Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert’s Trusted Import Service Specialist -- Marzocchi Imports

Service Your Vehicle Deserves

For your import vehicle to operate at its absolute best, it must go through services that utilize components and service practices established by the manufacturer. At Marzocchi Imports in Gilbert, Arizona, we can provide that and more for your import vehicle. Our ASE Certified and Mercedes-Benz Factory Trained technicians utilize manufacturer-approved equipment and service techniques for all our services to ensure your vehicle receives the quality care it needs. Whether you need your Volkswagen’s DSG transmission serviced or your Maserati needs a quick wheel alignment, we have the equipment, skill, and expertise to perform any service for any import you own!

Does Your Transmission Need Service?

When it comes to your import vehicle, many systems are built with certain uniqueness to them, including the transmission system. Responsible for allowing you to shift gears in your car, each import manufacturer develops their transmission systems with a specific feel and performance in mind. It’s because of this that you need to have it regularly serviced, but it can be challenging to determine when that might be. Marzocchi Imports is here to help, as we walk you through common transmission warning signs you should look out for!

Low Transmission Fluid

Like motor oil, transmission fluid is used to keep the transmission system clean and lubricated. But unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is not burnt up or consumed. If you notice that the transmission fluid is low in your import vehicle, there’s a high chance it’s suffering a leak within the system. This can starve your vehicle’s transmission system and leave it vulnerable to significant damage, so we suggest you find and fix the leak at your earliest convenience!

Rough Shifting

Whenever you shift gears, it should be smooth and seamless. You should never feel a shudder or a delayed response, and that is a clear sign that something is wrong with the transmission. Continuing to drive with these issues will only make the problem worse later on, which could subject you to an expensive repair! To prevent the issue from worsening, make sure your vehicle is always at a full stop before shifting from Drive, Park, or Reverse. Shifting while the car is in motion places additional and avoidable stress on the system!

We’ll Keep Your Import Going

Your import utilizes a variety of crucial components and systems to operate at its best, including the transmission. Make sure everything is operating at peak performance and schedule a service with Marzocchi Imports, the trusted import service specialist in Gilbert, Arizona. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment and industry best service techniques to ensure your import vehicle is offering you the best in performance and precision. We know when you come to us for service, your vehicle will be receiving the dealership-quality care it deserves. Just give us a call at (480) 539-4086 or visit us on 797 W Guadalupe Road to schedule your next appointment with us! We can’t wait to provide you with the best version of your import vehicle.