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Your BMW deserves luxury maintenance. Keep your vehicle operating at peak condition with scheduled maintenance services by a qualified mechanic. Find out where you can go to receive reliable BMW repair services and to learn more about scheduled maintenance.

Service I

For most modern BMW models, you should receive Service I after approximately 30,000. The exact service schedule depends on the year and model of your BMW, so be sure you follow the specific scheduling in your service manual. During the first inspection after purchasing your new BMW, a mechanic will inspect these common maintenance tasks:

  • Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Engine temperature check
  • Brake, suspension and steering system check
  • Tire pressure check
  • Fluid replacement
  • Safety check

This full-service test often includes a short road test to be sure that all the components are working properly. Work with a qualified mechanic to verify that your BMW is operating efficiently and there are no underlying issues.

Service II

After approximately 30,000, depending on your BMW, schedule Service II. This service follows the same basic steps as the first service, but also includes a few additional features. Here are the added steps to a scheduled Service II for your luxury vehicle:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Parking brake inspection
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Rust inspection

This inspection typically occurs after 60,000 miles of use, but check with your service manual to ensure you receive a thorough inspection at the right time. Adhering to this service schedule is essential for keeping your BMW driving like a luxury vehicle and for maintaining your warranty coverage.

Any unusual signs should be inspected immediately. Don’t wait for a routine inspection if you hear unusual sounds or see a warning light illuminated on your dashboard. These warning signs should be treated seriously to avoid additional repair costs.

Full-Service Maintenance and Repairs in Gilbert, Arizona

In Arizona, your leader in BMW repair and maintenance services is Marzocchi Imports. Our commitment to unbeatable quality and full-service support ensures your BMW remains at the pinnacle of luxury vehicles. Schedule a service today or stop by for an emergency inspection or repair service to restore your vehicle and protect your investment from wear or damage.

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